Archimatix is a powerful node-based parametric modeling extension for Unity.

Archimatix was created to help you quickly create mutable props and rich, coherent and variable environments.

The idea of parametric model is to create “smart models.” Models capable of generating hundreds of unique forms and typologies from simple shape primitives. These shapes can be combined and altered to rapidly create sophisticated hybrid shapes.

If you have never tried parametric modeling, don’t worry, its not that hard to pick up. Although it is quite different from brush-based modeling, or topological modeling, where you directly manipulate vertices and faces, with parametric modeling you can manipulate relatively few handles or gizmos that alter the entire mesh in smart ways.

Archimatix features non-destructive mesh creation, allowing you to produce many variations of a form quickly, either as an iterative design process, or as a way to stamp out multiple versions of the model to create a rich and varied environments.